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The Extinction Protocol : How To Eradicate The African-American Culture

The Extinction Protocol : How To Eradicate The African-American Culture

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How do you annihilate an entire culture? First, let’s discuss how NOT to do it. You DO NOT go door to door shooting those members of the target population on sight. The Nazi Holocaust against the Jewish People began in exactly this fashion. That only works for so long.

You DO NOT round up masses of people and concentrate them into urban centers. They hunker down and fight back. The urban landscape provides an excellent environment in which to wage a campaign of irregular warfare for survival. Containing such an entrenched population is very costly in terms of the men and material. The Nazi Germans were forced to deploy some of their most elite, and combat capable, military and police units against the urban guerrilla forces of the Jewish Resistance in The Warsaw Ghetto alone. These military units were desperately needed elsewhere.

You DO NOT build large forced labor and death camps, respectively. The Nazi Germans utilized the full industrial, economic, and intellectual might of the nation-state to build a system of death camps. These camps were linked via a system of roads and railways. The allocation of these resources would ultimately prove to be a costly mistake for the Nazi war effort.

The aforementioned, provide examples of how NOT to set about eliminating an entire culture or people. A better solution is to implode the culture inward on itself.

I refer to the eugenicists’ plan for the annihilation of the African-American population as the Extinction Protocol. This plan consists of five (5) distinct components:

Phase 1 – Victim Ideology (Dehumanization)

Phase 2 – Black on Black (Fratricide)

Phase 3 – Abortion-Homicide (Infanticide)

Phase 4 – Homosexuality (Auto-sterilization)

Phase 5 – Transgenderism (Auto-castration)


Victim Ideology, Dehumanization

Victim Ideology has been used to dehumanize the African-American community. An individual defrauded on their humanity tends to become depraved and indifferent to the condition, wellbeing, or sanctity of others. Individuals are indoctrinated to self-identify as victims. An individual so indoctrinated will devalue their own life. A person misled to devalue their life is robbed of the capacity to value the lives of others.

Black on Black, Fratricide

The dehumanizing impact of Victim Ideology created the conditions for fratricidal violence within the African-American Community. Gang subculture has been used to amplify this fratricidal carnage. Gang subculture, in general, divides the reproductive-age males into factions defined by color. One faction is defined as Red (e.g. Bloods and derivative offshoots). Another faction is defined as Blue (e.g. Crips and derivative offshoots). Members pledge allegiance to these factions. These artificial affiliations are used to pit the reproductive-age males against one another in fratricide violence. Members of the factions wage urban combat against the other for geographical control of territory or neighborhoods e.g. ’hoods. Popular culture e.g. music, movies, and social media are used to glamorize gang subculture. This gives gang subculture a romantic appeal that helps recruit other members.

On a daily basis, in Democrat-run major cities, one young Black is killed by another young Black man.  One is dead, and one goes to prison.  The perpetrator will serve a prison sentence that will consume the most, if not all, of the reproductive years of his or her life.  However, in many many homicide cases, one young Black man is killed and a group of young Black men is prosecuted and imprisoned for the crime.  

Abortion-Homicide (Infanticide)

A dehumanized group is indoctrinated to discount and devalue the lives of their own progeny. Victim Ideology works to corrode natural, healthy, God-given paternal and maternal instincts, respectively. A mother indoctrinated to self-identify as a victim will tend to view the fruit of her own womb as victims also. A woman who devalues her life is inclined to devalue life in her own womb. Therefore, ending that life is viewed as merciful, practically necessary. 

The impact of abortion-homicide on the African-American community has been nothing short of genocidal.  

Homosexuality (Auto-sterilization)

Individuals in same-sex or homo-sex relationships are effectively sterilized. Males cannot procreate with males. Females cannot procreate with females. Eugenicists view sterilization as one of the most effective forms of birth control.  Two men involved in a homosexual relationship are no longer available to anchor two-parent households consisting of a man and women.  

Transgenderism (Auto-castration)

Transgenderism is the notion that a person’s “gender identity” does not correspond with the sex of their birth. A central feature of so-called “Progressive” politics is identity: gender identity, racial identity, sexual identity, and other balkanizing constructs. A man who chooses a “transgender” lifestyle is auto-castrated. In some rather extreme cases, some males actually under “gender reassignment” surgery to remove their male anatomy. This emasculation is irreversible.  The societal impact is generational.