• Cleveland Browns join in #TakeTheKnee "Protest"
  • Indianapolis Colts #TakeTheKnee
  • Ray Lewis joins Baltimore Ravens and #TakeTheKnee
  • Colin Kaepernick dons socks during warm up depicting police officers as pigs.
  • So it begins.  Colin Kaepernick takes a knee during the national anthem.
  • Jesse Jackson Sr. panders and race-baits in Ferguson to hostile crowds who call him a "sellout"

Lemmings: The NFL Follows Kaepernick Off the Cliff

#HandsUpDontShoot was a lie.

Colin Kaepernick’s #TakeTheKnee has its origins in the BOGUS and COMPLETELY FALSE #HandsUpDontShoot narrative. This is the Left’s sinister, and largely successful, attempt to politicize the shooting of Michael Brown. The Left did in fact use the officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown and the subsequent acquittal of officer Darren Wilson as a “social justice” lighting rod. Long before professional athletes decided to #TakeTheKnee many took to the field, with their hands raised high in mock surrender, to protest what they were led to believe was the unjust shooting of an unarmed Black man. The fact is that Michael WAS NOT unarmed. During the struggle with Officer Wilson through the window of the patrol cruiser Michael Brown actually gained control of the officer’s duty weapon.

Wilson stated that he feared Brown was going to shoot him because Brown had control of the gun. “

Predictably the liberal media establishment rushed in to fan the flames. The LA Times wrote,

Brown, a black teenager, was gunned down by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., after stealing cigarillos from a convenience store. “ - LA Times

At the time of this article was written, the LA Times along with every other media outlet had full knowledge of the incident based on the Obama Department of Justice’s official report. Michael Brown was not “gunned down.” As the Obama DOJ report makes abundantly clear, Brown was shot by Officer Wilson in self-defense.

The LA Times further knowingly obfuscated the truth by writing,

When Brown stopped to face the officer, Wilson fired several shots at his front, killing him.

This statement is also inaccurate. Once again, the official DOJ report on the Michael Brown shooting is painfully detailed. Officer Wilson only fired at Michael Brown as Brown charged him after he refused numerous direct orders to cease and desist.

Not to be outdone, race pimps and hate mongers like Jesse Jackson, Sr. rushed into the fray. In an OpEd piece for USA Today, Jackson also states that Michael Brown was

...gunned down...”

Jackson stated to The Politico that shooting of Michael Brown was like

That was kind of a state execution.

The #HandsUpDontShoot narrative is blatantly false. Michael Brown wasn't surrendering. He was violently and viciously attacking a police officer.

YES, there have been bad, really bad, police shootings of Blacks. However, a police shooting of a Black man does not equate to some kind of war on Blacks by police officers. The very notion is ludicrous. Consider the many thousands of Black police officers serving on departments and agencies across the nation. Furthermore, the idea of a police war on Blacks is simply insane. More Whites are killed in altercations with police than Blacks.

In the U.S. a total of 990 citizens have been killed …. by police [in 2016] ...most of those killed by police are male and white. 123 of those shot were Black Americans.” - Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

In 2016 Blacks killed by Blacks in Chicago ALONE exceeded the number Blacks kill by police NATIONALLY by a margin of SEVEN TO ONE. Among those killed in Chicago’s raging Black on Black violence were small children and even toddlers.

The #Insta-movement

#HandsUpDontShoot was a lie. Kaepernick used this lie to spawn his insta-movement now being called #TakeTheKnee. Kaepernick's #TakeTheKnee activism began in earnest in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting. This is around the time Kaepernick began wearing socks depicting police officers as "pigs." He is free to do that. That is free speech. It's still a free world...at least for now. Kaepernick opted out of contract with the San Francisco 49s and entered Free Agency. At that time he indicated that he would stand up for the National Anthem. That is all good and well. However, his timing could not be worse or more questionable. In 2017 the NFL prepared to greet one of the most talented class of young new Quarterbacks the league has seen in years. This excellent group of athletes included NCAA Champion DeShaun Watson of Clemson. http://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/red-zone/article143214069.html Only after it became apparent that Colin Kaepernick would not make an NFL roster did his #TakeTheKnee activism kick in again.

The ENTIRE #HandsUpDontShoot account of the Michael Brown shooting is patently FALSE. The young man was not surrendering. He did, in fact, violently attack the officer. At no point in the TWO MINUTE ordeal did Michael Brown do anything other than present himself as a real and mortal danger to Officer Wilson. In fact, Michael Brown entered the driver’s side window of the police cruiser up to his waist. He punched the officer and struggled with him in an attempt to seize the officer’s duty weapon.

...while the assault was in progress and Brown was leaning in through the window with his arms, torso, and head inside the SUV ...”

Wilson warned Brown to stop or he was going to shoot him ...”

That was a very bad idea. Michael Brown’s action created the conditions known as a lethal force situation.

Brown stated,

“You are too much of a pussy to shoot,” and put his right hand over Wilson’s right hand, gaining control of the gun.

Wilson explained that Brown’s size and strength, coupled with his standing position outside the SUV relative to Wilson’s seated position inside the SUV, rendered Wilson completely vulnerable. “

Wilson explained that he twice pulled the trigger but the gun did not fire, most likely because Brown’s hand was preventing the gun from functioning properly ...”

The officer’s weapon discharged inside the police cruiser during the struggle.

Wilson pulled the trigger a third time and the gun fired into the door.”

A round struck Michael Brown in the hand at which point he ceased his attack and ran. Officer Wilson pursued Michael Brown a short distance. Michael Brown stopped and then ran toward Officer Wilson, ignoring repeated commands to stop. According to the report from former Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, “Brown then started running at Wilson, closing the distance between them to about 15 feet. Sadly, like many in the Black Community, NFL and NBA players are operating under the erroneous perception that Officer Wilson simply targeted and summarily executed a young Black man for no apparent reason.

Intellectual Lemmings

The #TakeTheKnee action on the part of NFL players isn’t a protest. It is a disgrace. #TakeTheKnee is not a protest. It is a workplace disruption dressed up to look like an exercise of free speech. If the athletes wanted to make a statement they would simply go on strike as those in other professions do e.g. air traffic controllers, coal miners, cab drivers, or professional hockey players. Extremely well-paid athletes, who risk a blown ACL, have chosen to disrespect soldiers who have had entire limbs blown off. This is not a protest. It is a mockery and a sham masquerading as a demand end “social injustice” and “police brutality.”

NFL players who have chosen to follow Kaepernick’s #TakeTheKnee micro-movement are behaving like intellectual lemmings. I’m not talking about the individual, or even collective, the mental capacity of the players. Many of the players in the NFL are highly intelligent. Some are gifted. This is not a question of smarts. It is a matter of reason or rather the failure to apply reason.  I define an intellectual lemming is a thoughtless follower.  I characterize them as "intellectual lemmings" due to their willingness to participate in Colin Kaepernick’s #TakeTheKnee without thinking, let alone ready, for themselves.

In true lemming-like fashion players, owners, commentators, and others are following Kaepernick aka #PlayerZero literally off the professional and financial cliff based on a fallacy. That fallacy is the false notion that Michael Brown was killed for being Black.

Most of these #TakeTheKnee folk don't even know that Obama's Department of Justice investigated and wrote a DETAILED, EXHAUSTIVE, and CONCLUSIVE report on the shooting of Michael Brown. Those who know of the report probably haven't taken the brief time it takes to read the simple 86-page document.

Amazingly, these unthinking NFL and NBA performers, respectively, have decided that it is in their best interest to compromise their own industry and careers. They've decided to do this in favor of a disgruntled, angry, former NFL employee named Colin Kaepernick aka #PlayerZero. Like some embittered former employees #PlayerZero is attempting to burn down, or at least wreck, the store on his way out the door. Incredibly, these athletes have decided to help him light the fires.

Yes, intellectual lemmings.